Retina Go!

Let's get you started with Retina to quickly model and predict Customer Lifetime Value for your customers. The entire process should take less than two hours.

Retina Go! is a tool for quickly predicting the lifetime value (LTV) of your customers. With this information, your business can strategically target new customers based on their expected future value. Retina clients using this approach have reduced customer acquisition costs by up to 25%.

* If you have a Shopify store, you can install the Retina Shopify App to automatically load your store orders into Retina Go!

Retina Go Steps:

  1. Fill out this form (3 mins)
  2. Confirm your email and upload a CSV of order data (5-30 mins)
  3. Retina processes 30k sample customers (90 mins)
  4. Receive an email with the results of our CLV analysis and a link to customer-level data generated by our model (2 mins)
  5. (Optional) Create a Facebook custom audience using Retina data and start reducing your acquisition costs! (20 mins)

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