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This audience uses the Retina-generated Customer lifetime value to generate a single <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> Facebook value-based lookalike audience </a>. This automatically targets facebook users who are like your high-value customers and avoids facebook users who are like your low-value customers. This is the simplest type of audience to use.
This generates two lookalike audiences, using the top and bottom 15% of your customers by CLV. This uses Facebook's simpler lookalike audience-type, and can be combined with other audiences you may have made to generate adsets which target users like your highest-value customers, or avoid users like your lowest-value customers.
This generates 5 lookalike audiences, using your customers sorted by CLV. This enables a powerful technique we call value-based bidding. One can setup separate bid caps for each of these lookalike audiences, so that one can maximize customer acquisition across all types of customers, while ensuring a sensible cost-to-CLV ratio.

Choose the percentage of U.S. population you would like to target. Two percent is recommended, but higher percentages will increase reach.